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Coronet Blockchain welcomes David Akinwale to the Coronet48 Board

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

“I love this mission. If we want to build the Africa of our dreams and to let the world also see what we are capable of doing, the media is a strong tool to share our stories, challenges and so on. I’m humbled to join the advisory board for Coronet48. I will bring my knowledge, skills and experience to achieve this mission..”

Mr David Akinwale Leadership Coach, HR Professional - Alpha Global Leadership Academy

South Africa, 24 May 2022, Coronet Blockchain Pty Limited today announced David Akinwale the Coronet48 Board Effectively from 25 May 2022. Mr David Akinwale will serve as a member of the Advisory Board. Following the appointment of Mr David Akinwale, the Board will comprise 14 directors, 10 of whom are independent

“The Talent acquisition, training and deployment profession, commonly referred to in these two letters “HR”, is one that requires more than a plethora of qualifications, but heart. Such a heart cannot be taught in any curriculum, it has to come from within. Whilst his competencies and demonstrated qualification track-record speaks for itself, David’s devout commitment to those around him, as he leads by example, makes him a rare type of a Human Resource Practitioner and Executive. After all: people do not levitate towards companies but towards people.

Those entrusted with human capital mandates would do well to borrow a page from David’s many chapters, as he leads through learning & development initiatives and nurturing winning teams, one team member at a time. We count ourselves blessed to have David journey with us, bringing his toolbox of much needed skills with him, as we realise our people centric, tech for social good, objectives, that shape Coronet’s heart-beat and Africa wide priorities. The Africa we want is about people, not just technology, but the people on the path of our impactful tech roll outs”.

Shadrack Kubyane CEO & Co-Founder of Coronet Blockchain.

David is a seasoned Human Capital executive, with a proven industry experience in HR and adjacent sectors such as communications, across West Africa and North America. Renowned for his visionary focus through the founding of Alpha Global Leadership Academy (AGLA), his leadership coaching implementation saw the AGLA Institute raise more than 800 leaders during the 2020 to 2021 window, from 21 countries.

A seasoned speaker, trainer and facilitator, he is a familiar face across online, hybrid and in-person seminars hosted by tertiary institutions, religious organizations, etc. Ecosystems that frequent his insights and leadership include: Live Your Dreams Africa Community, Kaftan TV, Okin FM Radio station, among others.

His distinguished awards & nominations include: being nominated for the Young Personality of the Year Award (Nigeria). He is a recipient of the Mike Oladipo Global Influence (MOGi) award conferred by the MOGi Global Leadership School, the Young Leader Rising Star Award conferred during the International Youth Summit coinciding with the West Africa launch of the Jamie Pajoel International and also awarded Leadership Coach of the Year by TIBA 2021 (The Iconic Brand Award).

He convenes The Evolve Conference, among Africa’s most sought after conventions, bringing together leaders from more than 87 states across the globe. In his brand ambassador capacity, some of the brands that David represents include the Ubong King Foundation, whose priority focus is dedicated towards developing the dreams of Africa’s youth, in partnership with corporates. His selflessness towards people permeates everything he does.

We are very pleased to welcome Mr David Akinwale to our board.

About Coronet48: We’re a digital archive putting a spotlight on Africa facing start-ups, the founders & the impact they're making. Our aim is to shift the spotlight onto Africa focused start-ups. In 2021 our media platforms reached 5.5 million audiences. This traction attracted funders, clients, partnerships etc. Through these media spotlight features, we are extending our platform, for free, to African startups, to lend them our influence.

Coronet Blockchain is A B2B2C Marketplace: that enables African based retailers to source quality authenticated products from vetted manufacturers at lower sourcing costs. We securely track products from Source to Customer: 100% quality requires 100% secure tracking.

Our first use case involves using blockchain to transform Africa's 7 billion USD hair extensions sector. Our focus is using blockchain across Beauty, Fashion & Agriculture supply chains & leveraging blockchain to impact Africa's supply chains.

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