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Coronet Blockchain welcomes Jo-Ann Hamilton to the Coronet48 Board

Updated: May 30, 2022

“I’m very excited to be a part of this initiative as supporting African startups will enable so much good. I am so thrilled to be a part of this initiative”

Jo-Ann Hamilton - Educator, Web3, Crypto & Blockchain Enthusiast , Founder- Rare Birds.

South Africa, 18 May 2022, Coronet Blockchain Pty Limited today announced Jo-Ann Hamilton the coronet48 Board Effectively from 25 May 2022. Ms. Jo-Ann Hamilton will serve as a member of the Advisory Board. Following the appointment of Ms. Jo-Ann Hamilton, the Board will comprise 14 directors, 10 of whom are independent

"If the notion of Global Citizenry was a person, much more than a concert, that person would undoubtedly be Jo-Ann. Her ability to transcend cultures, geographies, ethnic ecosystems and language environments with the agility of a comet, sees Jo-Ann earning the reputation of being a free spirited leader. Comfortable in her own skin, whilst adaptable, in team environments, to co-create and shape joint-legacies, makes Jo-Ann a true asset to the teams that are privileged to have her join them.

Her ability to empower those around her, making them feel at ease whether in conversation or during implementation of work itineraries, sees her hit the ground running, when easing into a new team, whilst also being results oriented, to inspire herself and those around her to do and be more. We are delighted to have her join and journey with us towards fulfilment of Coronet’s bold priorities and Africa rising objectives, as we deploy tech for social good".

Pretty Kubyane COO & Co-Founder of Coronet Blockchain

Jo-Ann is a Teacher, Podcaster, Writer and the Curator of Rare Birds. She was born and raised in St. Croix, Virgin Islands to parents from St. Kitts and Nevis. Her life to date has been an amalgamation of experiences gleaned from living, working and being educated in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia.

Prior to founding Rare Birds, she worked for a decade in the corporate real estate investment and construction industry in multiple roles. Alongside her corporate work she freelanced for social enterprises-focussed on emerging market cultural and development issues. She has done career, business and entrepreneurship mentoring in various communities including: the United Nations Women, Empower Women community based in NYC, the Women’s Economic Forum based in India and the global startup community StartUp Grind.

Since leaving the corporate environment, Jo-Ann has been creating and delivering technology and business curriculum to secondary schools, universities and startup communities. She has done so in the Virgin Islands, UK, India, The Gambia and China.

Jo-Ann is a blockchain, crypto and web 3 enthusiast. She is an EthGlobal Hack Money Hacker Alumni, Gitcoin KERNEL (Genesis Block) Fellow Alumni, SheFi Fellow Alumni and a member of the Phoenix Guild. She founded the Shanghai Codecademy Blockchain Chapter, a first for Codecademy and currently writes a weekly Crypto in Emerging Markets Newsletter.

We are very pleased to welcome Ms. Jo-Ann Hamilton to our board.

About Coronet48:

We’re a digital archive putting a spotlight on Africa facing start-ups, the founders & the impact they're making. Our aim is to shift the spotlight onto Africa focused start-ups. In 2021 our media platforms reached 5.5 million audiences. This traction attracted funders, clients, partnerships etc. Through these media spotlight features, we are extending our platform, for free, to African startups, to lend them our influence.

About Coronet Blockchain: Coronet Blockchain is A B2B2C Marketplace: that enables African based retailers to source quality authenticated products from vetted manufacturers at lower sourcing costs. We securely track products from Source to Customer: 100% quality requires 100% secure tracking.

Our first use case involves using blockchain to transform Africa's 7 billion USD hair extensions sector. Our focus is using blockchain across Beauty, Fashion & Agriculture supply chains & leveraging blockchain to impact Africa's supply chains.

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