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Coronet Blockchain welcomes Precious Kalu to the Coronet48 Board

Updated: May 30, 2022

“I look forward to being a part of this awesome team.”

Ms. Precious Kalu, Author, Digital Marketing Expert & avid Data Science Student.

South Africa, 25 May 2022, Coronet Blockchain Pty Limited today announced Precious Kalu the Coronet48 Board Effectively from 25 May 2022. Ms. Precious Kalu will serve as a member of the Advisory Board. Following the appointment of Ms. Precious Kalu, the Board will comprise 14 directors, 10 of whom are independent.

"As a flagship segment of the experience economy, if the cosmetic sector had tour guides, Precious would be among its leading story-tellers and guides. The experience economy, well beyond the beauty sector, thrives on the prowess, and narration of others who have dipped their toes into the waters, and can come back to share with the world all about it. Whether its content creation, digital marketing or book authoring, Precious has harnessed her ability to bring lived experiences to life, through the spoken or written word. Her creative world view makes her an asset to those seeking to better understand the needs of the markets they are called to serve, across generational domains.

Some call her a socio-cultural ethical hacker, but I personally prefer the term trail blazer, which better describes my appreciation for her attention to details and ability to encapsulate the heart-beat of a brand, a people and community, through a clear narrative. As the world edges towards the metaverse and Web3, she will no doubt continue to help shape the reality of these merging experiences, across hybrid spaces, to enrich the human experience.

We are so glad to have her walk the journey with us as Coronet. Her super-powers are indeed for such a time as this, as we re-define Africa’s aspirations and realise Africa’s possibilities, through leveraging tech for social good. Authentic experiences have never been as crucial as they are now, as our communities continue to expect more from us".

Pretty Kubyane COO & Co-Founder of Coronet Blockchain

Precious Kalu is a published author of the book: The Ultimate Synthetic Hair Guide, she is passionate about technology. She wears multiple hats, alongside her Data Science studies, including Content Creator, Affiliate Marketer, Podcaster, Social media manager and more. Her passion for developing women and youth, informs her daily decisions, as she concludes her studies, with intentionality and visionary focus.

We are very pleased to welcome Ms. Precious Kalu to our board.

About Coronet48: We’re a digital archive putting a spotlight on Africa facing start-ups, the founders & the impact they're making. Our aim is to shift the spotlight onto Africa focused start-ups. In 2021 our media platforms reached 5.5 million audiences. This traction attracted funders, clients, partnerships etc. Through these media spotlight features, we are extending our platform, for free, to African startups, to lend them our influence.

About Coronet Blockchain:

Coronet Blockchain is A B2B2C Marketplace: that enables African based retailers to source quality authenticated products from vetted manufacturers at lower sourcing costs. We securely track products from Source to Customer: 100% quality requires 100% secure tracking.

Our first use case involves using blockchain to transform Africa's 7 billion USD hair extensions sector. Our focus is using blockchain across Beauty, Fashion & Agriculture supply chains & leveraging blockchain to impact Africa's supply chains.

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