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Dare Adebayo digitising learning and administration for African Schools

"The skill it takes to run a business is different from building a product, ensuring you get good mentors and attending start-up acceleration programs to acquire knowledge. Grow lean"

Dare Adebayo Co-Founder & COO of Edves Limited

Q1:Tell us about your yourself:

I am Operations executive with a demonstrated record of exceeding profitability goals and a history of success leading initiatives for sales, marketing, customer relations, project and product management. An inspiring and motivational manager, with first-rate interpersonal skills with an ability and passion to build lasting relationships with colleagues, clients, partners and vendors.

Q2:What does your company do?:

Edves provides a digital infrastructure for K-12 Education, availing end-to-end automation for learning and administration across learners' journeys and enabling collaboration between Teachers, Parents and Administrators to plan, deliver and manage education delivery. The digitised systems of education generate data for insights on learners' progress and possible areas of intervention.

Q3: What inspired you to start your business?:

We saw a need in schools, where data was not properly captured and analysed. So we built a platform that automates the learning process and daily administrative processes to reduce the paperwork in schools and analyse data being captured in schools on a daily basis.

Q4: How do you define your business model; what differentiates your products or Services from others?:

Edves automates learning and administrative processes in schools.

Q5: Starting a business is not easy. What struggles did you experience in the infant years of your company and how did you overcome it?:

My co-founder and I started the company just before going for our National Youth Service, so we had very little understanding about running a business. It was tough knowing the best approach to certain things, we overcame this by applying to and getting into an accelerator program that helped us gain knowledge about running a startup.

Q6: What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started?:

Raising Capital better and building a Pricing Strategy.

Q7: What are your 3 priorities right now:
  1. Cross Border Sales

  2. Product Improvement

  3. Customer Education

Q8: What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?:

Scaling the platform across every country in Africa, currently, we are in 8 African countries.

Q9: Advice to other entrepreneurs or to your younger self?:

The skill it takes to run a business is different from building a product, ensuring you get good mentors and attending start-up acceleration programs to acquire knowledge. Grow lean

The impact of the past 3 years due to C19 has brought 2030 a lot closer, with 2030 arriving in 2020, thanks to hyper digitisation. With this dramatic hyper digital paradigm shift: the level of digital transformation that has been overdue has been accelerated. All industries including and especially education have been compelled to innovate and digitise, even the most traditional education institutions are deep in the throes of digitising, as we speak.

These are pace-setting times for Africa, especially when one looks at the edtech landscape, seeing distinguished African solutionists like Dare Adebayo changing the narrative through Edves Limited. Their core efforts towards availing a highly capable digital infrastructure, to power authentic learning experiences, effect an efficient school administration and sound management is remarkable. The chaos and administrative noise traditionally associated with (and accepted as a norm) classroom learning are no longer welcome in our society. If Africa is to emerge on a front footing, to take full grasp of closing existing educational gaps, then embedding well overdue efficiencies across the schooling spectrum, are a must.

The $766.5K raised to date, puts Edves at an enviable vantage point, enabling them to move with agility, towards catering for the digitisation backlog that K12 schools, across Africa, find themselves in. We look forward to seeing their success as they raise further funds, and grow their reach to add more schools on their grid, whilst accelerating their adoption pace.

The future is digital and Africa needs to be at the forefront building the dependable solutions that our next generation will use. To punch beyond their weight, then African countries must deploy increasing focus towards critical sectors such as education, to move away from any residual inefficiencies, that still remain in our learning experiences, especially on the digital front. During a recent Convention on this topic, an expert & author on the subject pointed out:

"The global pandemic has reshaped many aspects of the educational landscape. How can K-12 learning professionals and school administrators rise to these new challenges, while still dealing with the ones they faced before the COVID outbreak?"

Back at the drawing boards, the custodians of K-12 Learning ecosystems, do well to venture off the beaten path and consider interventions such as the aptly timed solution that Dare Adebayo and his team at Edves Limited are availing at this nexus. Their true north as they continue to roll out end-to-end automation for learning and administration, a holistic ecosystem that simplifies user-experiences for parents, students and teachers. I look forward to their growth as they reach even wider markets, beyond their current domains.

Amana Alkali Tech Journalist, Writer, Editor & Public Speaker

Edves is well thought out with the defined objective of ‘automating learning and administrative processes in schools. It is disrupting the narrative in the academic space where papers as traditional methods thrive but become cumbersome to handle.

In disrupting education for the better, Edves’ adoption of digitised systems shows the advancement in its technology and input to solve problems. Also, it directly affects the conservation of the environment as less papers means preserving more trees and working towards a greener and cleaner ecosystem.

There are exciting times ahead as Edves’s solution serves a market that captures the future of Africa and mankind if adopted globally.

Priscilla Ekundare Lead Designer - Ceela Creatives

Embracing Technology in African Schools has not been fully saturated majorly because

some still find it compex due to the lack of easy tools to drive their institutions faster that

the regular manual efforts.

I find Edves Limited’s startup story interesting as they bridge the gap between education and technology while bringing Administrators, parents, teachers and students on the same platform and storing all information for easy accessibility both now and in future. We also look forward to the company crossing borders and making great impacts.

Connect with Dare Adebayo

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