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Who are  we?

We have created the best start-up platform, the first of it's kind in this category to offer you not just services but the very formula we used to successfully 6 figure businesses in 3 parts: We've thought of everything you need to succeed

We’ve got everything you need from design, branding,  eCommerce, sourcing to launch


Media feature across out platform that reached over 5 million people last year.


Mentorship and endorsements from our collective ecosystem of over 60 000 successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, funders, corporate executives etc.


We're the best team you can find:

Ask yourself this: do you want logos, or websites or do you want to reach a financial goal for your business? Wouldn’t you not wish to have a team in your corner, that:

Grew a side hustle from 500 USD to 2 million USD in 36 months

Raised 2 funding tranches during COVID via US + EMEA investors.

Helped executives working for top corporates in Africa to start her own side hustle in the eCommerce.

Our founders' success have been covered by more than 150 media platforms.

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