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Greetings & Salutations,

The story journey of Coronet  cannot be told without sharing our deep gratitude with our friends and associates across the world. Building Coronet took over 60 experts, stationed across 10 countries. Each working faithfully to help achieve the heavy-lifting to produce Coronet and achieve The Africa we want. We are eternally indebted to them and the next generation to pay it forward. We raised 2 funding tranches during COVID hard lockdown. In the middle of the perfect storm: we were innovating. Our unwavering commitment is using technology for social good.

Here's to the Africa we want, here's to legacy!

Much Gratitude,


Hello I'm Pretty

My business experiences date back to my days in the village, where from the age of 6 I worked in my family's business. My father owned a car repair workshop and wood cutting businesses. Prior to co-founding Coronet Blockchain in 2019, I worked within management consulting, specialising in access to new markets.

Key highlights include scaling a new business from 500 USD to 2 million USD within 36 months. We then received two funding tranches from a US multinational, to build Coronet, a tailored blockchain enabled supply chain solution to disrupt Africa’s supply chains.

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Hello I'm Shadrack

I am a villager at heart. My last corporate role was with Deloitte. I then spent a decade: scaling businesses via my management consulting expertise. The segway that ushered me into blockchain: was when I led a team that scaled an SME from 500 USD to 2 million USD within 36 months.

Following this breakthrough, we uncovered a treasure trove of Africa’s broken & fragmented supply chains that needed repairing. Blockchain’s unparalleled capabilities proved to be the perfect fit. Affectionately referred to as Africa’s Blockchain Barron, I am a passionate AfCFTA advocate. My Linkedin Thought Leadership enjoys 500 000 impressions monthly: as I daily engage C-suite executives, Listed company CEOs, Tech experts & entrepreneurs on:


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