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Early Stage Start-ups or Individuals




12 Weeks


About the Course

This programme has been designed for start-up CEOs, Founders or individuals at the early start of their start-ups. Here's what our advisory or mentorship program can help you achieve:

  • Build a business case,

  • Establish your start-up in a new market you're familiar with

  • Raise Funding for your Start-up

  • Get clients for a new product or services

Your Instructor

Coronet Executive or Founders

Grew a start-up from 500 USD to 2 million USD in 36 months
Raised 2 funding tranches during COVID via US + EMEA investors.
Helped executives working for top corporates in Africa to start their own in the eCommerce platforms
Our success has been covered by more than 150 media platforms.
Our media platforms reach over 5.5 million audiences annually.
We have won multiple industry awards

Coronet Executive or Founders
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