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Lethu Kapueja

Research and Innovation Management - Engisource

Lethu Kapueja, is a research and innovation manager with over 13 years’ experience in supporting research and innovation projects in Africa. His work covers stakeholder relations in research and innovation, capacity development of early career scientists, science communication and engagement as well as business development for research and innovation programs. He has worked with academic institutions, government, private sector organisations and civil society research entities.

He is currently the Managing Director at Engisource, a research management consultancy and a co-founder and Director for Strategic Partnerships for the Wits Health Hubb, a health research and youth development platform for health sector skills development. Lethu is also a public policy scholar and is curious about relationships that bring equitable development for the poor and marginalised youth in Africa.

Although his research and community engagement is focused on youth health, he is also interested in its intersection with political and economic citizenship because we cannot separate claims to citizenship from health rights, political and economic participation,

education and generally access to opportunities that shape a young person’s future.

Lethu Kapueja
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