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Pretty Kubyane

COO - Coronet Blockchain

Her business experiences date back to her days in the village, where from the age of 6 She worked in a family business. Her father owned a car repair workshop and wood cutting businesses. Prior to co-founding Coronet Blockchain in 2019, She worked within management consulting, specialising in access to new markets.

Key highlights include scaling a new business from 500 USD to 2 million USD within 36 months. We then received two funding tranches from a US multinational, to build Coronet, a tailored blockchain enabled supply chain solution to disrupt Africa’s supply chains.

Coronet's vision leading to 2030: covers the top 3 BFFs: Beauty, Fashion and Food, supply chains. Leveraging tech, for social good across 9 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Amongst her highlights was spearheading the development of a ZAR 29 billion social impact investment framework (an SLP) to create a blue-print social benefit system that was adapted by the government to be used as a national accountability framework for the sector.

Pretty Kubyane
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