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Coronet Blockchain welcomes Lethu Kapueja to the Coronet48 Advisory Board

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

"I am thrilled to be joining this excellent team, led by Shadrack Kubyane and Pretty Kubyane, who have worked tirelessly to develop African innovators and give them the recognition they deserve!"

Lethu Kapueja Research and Innovation Management - Engisource

South Africa, 18 May 2022, Coronet Blockchain Pty Limited today announced Lethu Kapueja the Coronet48 Board Effectively from 25 May 2022. Mr. Lethu Kapueja will serve as a member of the Advisory Board. Following the appointment of Mr. Lethu Kapueja, the Board will comprise 14 directors, 10 of whom are independent.

Having personally known Lethu Kapueja for nearly 2 decades, it was an obvious choice, when my team asked if I would recommend him to join our Coronet Blockchain family. I have watched him ascend the summit of Africa’s innovation, research and science segments with the seasoned leadership with which he has come to be known. He is quite at home, across public and private sector domains, including the higher education landscape, where he has perched his desk, from which he worked into multiple geographies and sub-sectors. Always cultivating the curiosity of a thinker and pacesetter, he has raised funds and opened doors for numerous PhD candidates. Recently co-founded a milestone initiative in Public Health care, that is fast changing how previously marginalised communities access health care resources, a human right. His Consulting Practice, Engi-Source, continues to be a watering well, for entities, institutions and leaders frequenting it for unparalleled insights and niche services.

We are blessed to have him accompany us on this journey as Coronet pursues its tech for social good priorities, across an African landscape that is imbued with countless possibilities. Indeed the Africa we want is unfolding, in our lifetime, as we jointly shape it, from the front lines, with seasoned academics, thought leaders and innovators like Lethu".

Mr Shadrack Kubyane Co-Founder and CEO of Coronet Blockchain.

Lethu Kapueja, is a research and innovation manager with over 13 years’ experience in supporting research and innovation projects in Africa. His work covers stakeholder relations in research and innovation, capacity development of early career scientists, science communication and engagement as well as business development for research and innovation programs. He has worked with academic institutions, government, private sector organisations and civil society research entities.

He is currently the Managing Director at Engisource, a research management consultancy and a co-founder and Director for Strategic Partnerships for the Wits Health Hubb, a health research and youth development platform for health sector skills development. Lethu is also a public policy scholar and is curious about relationships that bring equitable development for the poor and marginalised youth in Africa.

Although his research and community engagement is focused on youth health, he is also interested in its intersection with political and economic citizenship because we cannot separate claims to citizenship from health rights, political and economic participation,

education and generally access to opportunities that shape a young person’s future

We are very pleased to welcome Mr Lethu Kapueja to our board.

About Coronet48: We’re a digital archive putting a spotlight on Africa facing start-ups, the founders & the impact they're making. Our aim is to shift the spotlight onto Africa focused start-ups. In 2021 our media platforms reached 5.5 million audiences. This traction attracted funders, clients, partnerships etc. Through these media spotlight features, we are extending our platform, for free, to African startups, to lend them our influence.

Coronet Blockchain is A B2B2C Marketplace: that enables African based retailers to source quality authenticated products from vetted manufacturers at lower sourcing costs. We securely track products from Source to Customer: 100% quality requires 100% secure tracking.

Our first use case involves using blockchain to transform Africa's 7 billion USD hair extensions sector. Our focus is using blockchain across Beauty, Fashion & Agriculture supply chains & leveraging blockchain to impact Africa's supply chains.

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