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Pretty Kubyane Wins The TransUnion Rising Star Award 2022 for the Entrepreneurship Category

The TransUnion Rising Star Awards brings together industry leaders and representatives from across corporate South Africa, as well as over 50 judges and 55 young people from 11 different industry sectors. During the 2022 calendar year, The TransUnion Rising Star Awards once again identified the most talented young leaders this country has to offer.

In these tumultuous times, recognition of those who contribute in a meaningful way to the economy is more critical than ever, and the TransUnion Rising Star Awards play a very important part in this endeavour.

The 11th Annual TransUnion Rising Star Awards took place on 20th October 2022 at the Maslow Hotel, Sandton, and was a true collection of South Africa’s finest young professionals aged 40 and under. Supported not only by TransUnion, but also Accenture, Absa, Gautrain, Rand Refinery, Massmart, Anglo American, DBSA, Imperial, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Webber Wentzel and Exxaro among many others, the event was well attended by South Africa’s current and future leaders.

"Looking at the high calibre of judges present, I asked myself: how much would I have to set aside to pay such highly experienced executives to preside over the affairs of my business, at a granular level, as they did? The bill, in my head, became quite a sizeable invoice. Multiplying my gratitude." - 2022 Entrepreneur Winner: Pretty Kubyane, Co-Founder, Coronet Blockchain

A thank you note to the judging panel: "Your unwavering commitment to identifying, recognising, supporting, and celebrating young people who are shaping South Africa's unfolding future is commendable and awe-inspiring. My lived experiences through this process attest to TransUnion Rising Star Awards' leadership excellence standards, achieved through rigorous scrutiny and highly esteemed benchmarks. From the morning of the 9th February 2022, through to my meeting with the final judging panel, on 13 September 2022, a 216 days window, gave me a front-row seat of your excellence" - 2022 Entrepreneur Winner: Pretty Kubyane, Co-Founder, Coronet Blockchain

From the age of 6: Pretty hit the ground running into entrepreneurship, working in her family's business. Accompanying her late dad to the office as he ran a thriving car repair workshop and a wood cutting & distribution business.

Lessons learnt through these childhood adventures came handy when she led & co-owned a family business of a different kind: a management consulting practice with specialty on scaling businesses across Africa's emerging markets.

A segway into Technology, she co-founded Coronet Blockchain back in 2019,. She then led the team to raise 2 funding tranches across the US & Switzerland. Following the successful Swiss funding round, she co-founded the eFama App, a B2B2C Marketplace: that enables farmers to sell their fresh produce and meat direct to consumers, commercial buyers and achieve quality assurance.

Pretty Kubyane

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